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    <span> a modern tragedy </span>

    <span class="episodecita">who are these maniacs taking over our lives</span>

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     ji-woon hak, felix richter

Look in my eyes and know that I am dead inside from the countless lies that have eaten us alive. I know why I’m dead inside, you’re dead inside, we’re dead inside.

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    some high school / настоящее

[nick]Felix Richter[/nick][icon]https://i.imgur.com/ahPZEMr.png[/icon][sign]https://i.imgur.com/fF4l1Mf.gif https://i.imgur.com/dsEANdQ.gif
will you bury the dead, hear what I said
time to bury the dead, remember what I said
[/sign][lz]<a class="lzname">Феликс Рихтер</a><div class="fandom">Dead by Daylight</div><div class="info">the <a href="http://exlibris.rusff.me/profile.php?id=2019"><b>beast</b></a>’s hungering<br>
it keeps ravening<br>
there’s no remedy<br>
and do we even want it now</div>[/lz]